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diy lace sneakers

An amazing dual-scented candle that’s a literal gag gift!
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Create the ultimate fireplace ambience.
$4.99 to $24.99
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Turn your bath into a rainbow!
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Instantly create custom candles using only water and oil!
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Set of six tea lights styled like cactuses.
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A stain-free bath bomb that turns your water black.
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Creepy cerebral candle.
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A candle that smells like outer space.
Sold Out (More Jul. 23)
Wax candle burns away to reveal a baby velociraptor.
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Easily make your own high-quality candles!
Sold Out (More Jul. 17)
Candle styled like a multi-colored unicorn.
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Colorful soaps look and smell like real gummy bears.
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A candle that smells like a buttery cinema snack.
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A candle that smells like a brand-new vehicle.
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A candle with an instant chicken ramen scent!
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Really comfortable and a real attention getter perfect for a practical joker really hard for the people that you come into contact with & talk to to keep a straight face
it's ok
Soft & nice fit
Very well made. Absolutely love it.
The Good: the print is beautiful.

The Bad: the overall quality is not equal to the previous VB bag that I purchased - it seems cheap and flimsy, especially for the high price.

The Worst: the bag's strap suffers from a fatal design flaw. Instead of using a strap that is sewn to each side of the bag separately with a buckle on each side of the strap that can be manually adjusted to each side separately (as shown in the second photo that depicts the previous Vera Bradley bag that I purchased), the new bag slides the strap across the bag to "self adjust" based on how the bag hangs across the body. This results in buckling and sagging of the bag (as shown in the photo) such that the bag does not properly hang straight as it should or as it is shown in the photos on the website.

I'm sending it back due to poor design and bad price to value ratio - i.e. not worth the price!!!!
They are so lovely, youll look great and get so many compliments! They are cheap (one pair broke on me, ironically the one I only wore once) but nothing pliers and a metal loop cant fix.
Sturdy glasses, and comfortable to wear.
I really like the ratchet style. You can tighten it just right so it's not too tight or too loose if you're between holes on a regular belt.
it looks just like the picture but a little too big on me.
Seam became disconnected to body of underwear after first wear
Looks better in the picture and the leather does not appear to be so good we'll se if it is durable wallet!
I purchased this for my friend who is an officer. He LOVES it. It fits nicely under his uniform and keeps him cool in humid Houston summers.
I like gildan, looks good for a cheap price
These are thick and large which is nice but they are a wrinkled mess after you wash and dry them. Trying to fold them neatly and put them in your pocket is impossible.
comfortable ,fits well. its a good quality material
Loved everything about it.
I love it!
Really cute but really cheap.
Very good quality. Perfect size
I used this product for work. On my feet 8-10 hours a day. Really helped my feet not feel so fatigue
Loved it so much I got 2 different colors
They seem a little thin compared to pairs I've bought a few years ago. Like them but they do seem a little thin compared to older pairs that I have.
Dad has no complaints about the product!
Love these glasses, really love them.
They look pretty nice
Just like the ones you get a the store, this pack of FTL A-shirts does great when you need a new set of undershirts in a pinch.
Coolest hat ever
Just what I needed. Been looking for military belts for a while and these are perfect and the price is great!!!
These were nice wish I could remember what I did with them