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custom made air force 1 shoes

Recover sunken treasure in the belly of a scary shark!

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Great hat!!
My son was very impressed!!
Great service !!!! I love this ski mask !!!!!
The zipper pull broke the first time I used it. So disappointed. Ordered a replacement, and the zipper pull immediately broke on that one as well. Very poor quality.
Eleg talla media y es demasiado pequea para mi
Very poor, thin material... this is not what you would expect from under armour. Maybe a knock off...
Perfect gift for sister in law! Well made for the peice and the little gem in the middle dangles. Very impressed!
Great, save that they don't have so much as a single pocket - an absolute absurdity for men's pants.
They seem to be well made.
Don't buy!!! Cord pulled out from rubber on all 6 straps
I bought it for my father and he loved it it also came with a case you could hold little things in the packaging is done well
They were exactly what I was looking for. But I expended far more time than I had in patience. I have specifically noted sizes, names of colors (many of which were not descriptive), and sku numbers so I never need to repeat a 2.5 hour search for 2 pairs of Levi 501 jeans again!
I wanted a baseball cap hat instead of the 'flattop' style, and this one is perfect.
They are wonderful. My pinkie toe rubbed my toe and this has stopped my pain walking. I was ready to cut my toe off!!
Exactly as advertised
Looks fine, but stiff as cardboard.
Somehow I thought the lens were orange. They appear orange mirror from the front, but when you look through them while wearing them, they have a distinctive green tint. Consequently red appears burgundy or purple. Not that big a deal, but not what I was expecting. I prefer orange tinted shades because colors appear as they really are.
Arrived on time and as described. The cotton material is a little thin but still way better than tissue that dissolves in your hand. They will work just fine fo what I need.
The shirts I ordered from Amazon fit perfectly. I ordered these in white from "SaveMax Marketplace", and they were at least two sizes too small.
Its good quality, looks nice.
Overall good
These little children's underwear are very pretty the designs are all different but I am extremely disappointed that there's only six and the package says you're supposed to be seven I took them out and counted ,and they are missing one so you owe me a pair of little girls underwear!
The front was on the big side with too much of a point where it was stitched.
Great product - comfortable, flexible, keeps things where they should be. What more to say?
High quality handbag, bright purple color with plenty of pockets to carry lots of stuff. Compliments on it from my sons girlfriend. I'm thinking of buying her one. Love it.
This is a great find!! I love the different compartments & the quality. Well made & perfect size.
I like that it a solid piece of leather and not layers of synthetic material with a leather coating.
Great product
These sunglasses are awesome and arrived in good condition. They are just as good or better than my other $100+ polarized sunglasses. I highly recommend!
It was a good size for me, but seems a little stiff. Will probably soften up.