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custom af1 ebay

custom af1 ebay

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At Vat19, we investigate thousands of potential products every year, yet only a select few make it onto the site.

Why? Because we believe in only selling you the most curiously awesome products in the world. Plus, they've got to pass the CAT (Curiously Awesome Test). Trust us, it's quite difficult.

To help visualize our pickiness, please check out the very un-scientific pie chart to the right. See that tiny sliver of green? That's the good stuff - the "curiously awesome" stuff. It's hard to find unless someone (like Vat19) searches it out for you.

Check out some of our most popular items for a little taste of what it means to be "curiously awesome".

custom af1 ebay

We're not just here to sell you stuff. We genuinely want you (and the people you're gifting) to love the products you buy.

So, we create informative and entertaining videos (947 to date) to showcase the features and functions of our unique brand of curiously awesome products. That way, you know exactly what you're getting. And hopefully, you'll have a little laugh too.

custom af1 ebay

Order before 2PM CT and we'll ship your order the same day (excluding weekends and holidays).

Please note that same day shipping does not mean that your order will arrive the same day that you place the order.

When choosing shipping options, please also note that your proximity to our warehouse in St. Louis, MO can decrease delivery times dramatically.

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custom af1 ebay

You want to feel confident you know exactly what you're buying, right? Right. Many shops make it hard to get familiar with their products by simply regurgitating the manufacturer's product description (boo!) and photos (double boo!). Heck, they've probably never even opened the item and tried to use it.

At Vat19, we take our own photos, write our own descriptions, and create our own videos. We think you deserve this attention to detail so you can feel confident with your purchase.

Plus, we're not going to go through all of that trouble unless we know the product is fantastic. So, if it's on Vat19, you know it's certified awesome (as evidenced by our cool-looking stamp to the right).

custom af1 ebay

Our obsession with customer service starts at the top of the company. The evil boss, Jamie Salvatori, reads every single email that you send. This allows him, when necessary, to take immediate action to remedy a problem or to pass it along to the appropriate customer service representative.

We have real humans awaiting your call. During our regular business hours, you can speak to a live human who works at Vat19. Outside of our business hours, please leave us a message or send an email. A representative will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Additionally, our staff is knowledgeable about every product we sell. So, if you have a question (no matter how specific), we can answer it or will do everything in our power to find the answer. In fact, we've answered and posted to our site over 137,440 of your questions.

custom af1 ebay

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If that awesome product is listed as "in stock", it's ready to ship immediately.

We don't do backorders which means no waiting. When you order from Vat19, we ship that day or the next business day.

Your entire order will ship together in one box unless you buy a ton of stuff, which we wholeheartedly encourage. In those cases, we may have to ship more than one box, but rest assured that it will all ship at the same time.

custom af1 ebay

When choosing UPS shipping methods on, we'll show you the exact date when your package is guaranteed to arrive (even on UPS Ground shipments).

Because we're centrally located (St. Louis, MO), you may find that a UPS Ground package will arrive the very next day! This can save you loads of cash because you can avoid the costs of expedited next day or second day shipping.

custom af1 ebay

We've shipped to over 70 different countries. If you want it, we can get it to you. (Within reason, of course. We certainly can't ship to the top of Mt. Everest.)

Click here for more information on our shipping policies or click here for a complete list of countries to which we'll ship and here for a list of frequently asked questions.

custom af1 ebay

Unfortunately, we can't give away all of our products for free. Terrible, right?

However, we do accept all major forms of credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) as well as PayPal.

custom af1 ebay

The entire team at is so committed to your satisfaction that we eagerly welcome any and all questions about every curiously awesome product on our site.

Our Burning Question feature allows you to ask a question and receive a response directly from our staff within one business day. Because we know our products so well, we've had no problem answering 137,440 burning questions to date. Check out the video below for more information about this feature:

Need more reasons why is awesome? Check out our newest products.

If youre like me, and need to be hands free during shopping, traveling, or running errands, then this is the bag for you. It holds my phone, wallet, keys, and a pair of gloves during those cold winter days. Plus I can get chapstick, lotion, and my sunglasses in there. Its lightweight, and Ive gotten several compliments on it. I love this bag.
When it comes to sweatshirts, I won't buy anything other than Hanes Comfortblends. I love the fit, the warmth & the comfort of these sweatshirts and they are made to last. Hanes also offers a great selection of colors and their sweatshirts are sized right. They don't "run big" or "run small" their sizes are right on - a large is a large. Also you don't have to worry about these sweatshirts shrinking up in the wash. I have owned some for years and they fit the same today as the did when they were new. I find the Hanes Comfortblend Sweatshirts to be an excellent value and a mainstay of my New England Winter wardrobe. Highly recommend.
A little thin and big for a large. I like a nice tight fit with my undershirts. Hoping that they will shrink a bit when washed. V-neck cut is a little deeper than I had hoped.
I really like this because it's comfortable, washable and I like the pocket for filters for added protection. I wear it around my neck like a scarf and pull it up if I'm going into a store. I would recommend. I knocked a star off for not putting a way to keep it in place on my face, like ear loops, or wire over nose area. I easily customized mine and haven't had any issues.
Slim fit, but if you put an extra card in any slot.. even insurance card, it will make the wallet look fat again
Great quality, my 6 year old Granddaughter loved them.
The zipper got bound up. I had to send it back.
Excelent product
Love! Feels good on and looks amazing. The clasp however is not very good and I have to keep fixing it.
The good reviews here are pretty accurate. The cap is definitely lightweight, well ventilated, well constructed with nice material, and fits well on a guys head. The Velcro adjustment strap is the finer, smoother type that some people described here. Well worth the money.
Mostly great purse. I bought it specifically so I could carry my laptop around without a a dedicated bag, and it works for that. It's a Pixelbook with a 12 inch screen, but odd proportions. It fits nicely in the purse but the zippper just barely doesn't close. If I had an 11 inch screen it'd be perfect and that seems totally reasonable. Overall love the size.

My main problem is that the lining has an opening that allows things to easily slip behind it and get lost. It appears that this was an intentional design choice and I don't really get it. I spent way too long trying to find my phone before I realized where it had slipped to. If I was trying to hide stuff though, it'd be awesome. But I'm not so it's pretty frustrating.
I received something different than what it was advertised. Someone dropped the ball on this one. The sunglasses I received are nice but not the look I was going for.
This belt is well worth the price, and is reversible. The buckle is stylish and nice metal. My husband loves it.
Love them
Nice fitting shorts. Thank you!
Great for sensitive ears!
This product is a great idea! I knocked off a star because I actually ordered the larger, 2-14 key model but received the smaller 2-8 red one. I didn't send it back because my husband still wanted it. He is a property manager and carries so many keys that they wear out his pockets. The key holder is perfect for organization and carrying in your pocket.
My biggest complaint is the periphery vision is obstructed with these goggles. The built in vents does keep it from fogging up but I am not sure I like the trade off, I ride my motorcycle with a heightened sense of paranoia and I like my peripheral vision unobstructed.
Too long for me. Fit is otherwise fine.
Sturdy slim case fits easily in outer purse pocket for fast and easy retrieval.
Fun shirt- good and comfortable fit
These were great, I even had the lenses replaced with my prescription by Ray-Ban. Frame is classy, slim, sturdy and it was a great price!
Good belt, works like it should
I am 5'10, 175 lbs, and I ordered the large. They fit great. They are not too skinny, but not real baggy like sweatpants normally are, with a nice cuff at the ankle which is not too long or short (about the size of an a wrist cuff).

I ordered the Navy blue, and the color is nice. Stitching is nice as well.
Love this
There are no instructions with this, so it was impossible to set the correct time. But at 10 years old he loves it, so 2 stars instead of the 1 it deserves.
Exactly as pictured with plenty of room. Very pretty, nice sized. Happy with my purchase!
Bien bien me gust
Great. Get a large though just to be safe.êtement-Dentelle-Invisible-larrière